KNAF/FIA Certified rollcages

1. After more than 25 years of experience in the production of roll cages, VA-Engineering is a leading manufacturer in the Netherlands. The safety cages can be built according to specific requirements or FIA regulations, with or without a KNAF / ASN certificate. All roll cages are made from the material 25CrMo4, also known as Chromemolybdenum. We produce safety cages for every type of car and all types of motorsport, such as:

  • Modern racing and rally cars, according to FIA Appendix J
  • Historical race and rally cars, according to FIA Appendix K
  • Rally Raid, T1 & T2
  • Race and rally trucks, T3 & T4

2. What is possible?

There are three basic options for a safety cage:

1. A safety cage with FIA/KNAF certificate, this variant is supplied with a certificate that is registered with the FIA/KNAF.

2. A safety cage without an FIA/KNAF certificate, this variant can be used for racing, except when the FIA rules are changed.

3. A lightweight safety cage. This is possible provided that a required strength analysis is made of the roll cage. These calculations are done by an external company and comes with a certificate.

The model of the safety cage depends on the type of event in which you participate. Additional customer specifications can also be made in the car, such as:

  • Attachment to the front wheel suspension
  • Seat belt attachment points
  • Frames for seat mounting
  • Mounting points for AirJacks
  • Removable parts

3. How does it work?

VA-Engineering can manufacture a safety cage in a:

  • Fully stripped body
  • Rolling bodywork where the interior has been removed.

A fully stripped or rolling body is usually supplied. In this way we can immediately start manufacturing the roll cage. Other types of delivery only in consultation. Safety cages can be welded TIG or MIG.

After installing the roll cage for which a certificate is required, an ASN inspector will check the roll cage and issue the KNAF / FIA certificate.

4. Truck roll cages

VA-Engineering is the leading manufacturer of safety cages for trucks in the Netherlands. 95% of the trucks of Dutch teams participating in the DAKAR rally of Morocco Desert Challenge, for example, have a safety cage manufactured by us.

We use 25CrMo4 pipes made to our specification to produce these safety cages. The tubes are bent with a CNC machine, which guarantees an accurate fit in the cabin of the truck. The high tensile strength of the material used, combined with a well-considered design makes it a safe product. Our truck safety cages are used in the T4 and T5 class and have proven their safety level.

5. Roll cages for historic racing and rally cars

VA-Engineering is also known for roll cages for historic racing and rally cars. These safety cages are manufactured according to FIA Appendix K, and can in many cases be recreated as they were approved in the past.

6. Roll cages for modern racing and rally cars

Different types of motor sport require different types of safety cages. We manufacture safety cages according to FIA Appendix J and customer specifications.

This link will take you to the FIA regulations.


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