Testing day at Circuit Spa Francorchamps

Sunday 10 November 2019 we tested at Spa Francorchamps for the next season. For the next cars we have provided service, and we will provide the preparation for next season.

  • BMW E92 M3 GT4
  • BMW E30 M3
  • BMW E36 Compact is Turbo (See project page)
  • Ford Mustang ’65

Detail pictures rollcages

Check out some examples of the level within VA-Engineering here. We always strive for the utmost. Do you have any questions about our work, or would you like to receive more information and photos? Please contact us via the contact form on the website or via info@va-motorsport.com!

Ford Fiesta Sprintcup

Commissioned by Intrax Suspension Technology, we have produced 40 roll cages for the Ford Fiesta Sprintcup founded in 2018. We have made the roll cages for both the Belgian and Dutch cup.To speed up the production process and to achieve high perfection, the tubes are CNC bent.

Anaconda Bullbars Defensie


In August of 2018 we took on a new challenge in collaboration with DEBA Bedrijfswagens. In February of 2019 this challenge was officially handed over to the Defense Caribbean on Thursday 07-02-2019. A completely new military vehicle came to life in half a year. The reactions are good, and even better after the first driving tests in rugged Caribbean.

We have developed and produced a frame for this vehicle which is mounted on the original Iveco chassis. The frame not only contains a rock-solid roll cage, but also provides the basis for building the vehicle.

The entire frame is designed and worked out in our up-to-date CAD software. All parts of this frame are fully machined, laser cut and set.

Fantastic assignment, top team, flawless cooperation.

BMW M240i Dayvtec

To replace the BMW 130i Cup cars of which Dayvtec has driven a number, Dayvtec now comes with the new 2 series. The objective was to create a replacement for the BMW 130i. The car must be innovative, affordable and maintenance-friendly. Target group is the Dayvtec customer who drives trackdays, DRDO or DNRT. Dayvtec has chosen the basis for the BMW M240i with paddle shift from BMW Nederland, which supplies the new cars for this project.

The car is equipped with a welded roll cage from VA Motorsport Engineering according to the FIA ​​rules and certified by the KNAF.


What started as an innocent E36 Compact with a roll cage and other shock absorbers, has since become a very serious project. The Compact has still retained its 1800cc 4-cylinder engine, but is accompanied by a turbo from a Ford Focus RS. This in combination with a shortened throttle body of the E36 M3, a tailor-made exhaust by Celeritech, KMS engine management technology and many many other modifications, it is a true bomb. Everything is manufactured in-house, and we have a large proportion of the parts digitally on drawing. Please contact us for more information!